WDRB Weather & Traffic 앱 리뷰

Weather app

I love the app mostly but l wish there was a option to eliminate the ad’s.

Incredibly slow

App is incredibly slow to open and load. Couldn't take it anymore and had to replace with another local channel's app.

New weather app

Don't like the new app. The weather map is to small and the radar portion is not accurate. I have to look at the weather channel app for the radar portion.

Works Great!!

I've never had a problem with WDRB. They do a great job at what they do. I don't get info on anything except from here. The app does a very good job of staying up to date.


I loved this app before the big update that changed the entire interface. Granted I'm not a fan of change, but still, all the features that made me love it are gone. It's still pretty accurate but the current temp isn't clearly visible upon opening the app. I liked it with all the info on the home screen. The ten day forecast was a handy scroll through that home screen. This just looks like all the other news station weather apps. It has lost what set it apart.

WDRB weather app

Hate the new 10 day weather page. Go back to the one with them on one page in the little squares. Don't like other changes either.

Love it!!

I love the update! Some have complained of the map size and the advertisement on top but hey, it's a free app! It's working so much better than the old one.


Oooh, a new look! With more ad space, and a teeny tiny map. What was wrong with the older design? Did companies who pay to have their banners up on the app start complaining that they were wasting money because no one was clicking on the banners? Well, it's because they're for crap, or ambulance chasing lawyers....gee, I wonder why those banners never got many clicks. As much as I love wdrb weather, I think the new look is crap. It's the same with wave 3 and wlky, they all changed for the worse. Deleted.

New Update

The new update looks cool but it's a little confusing.

Teeny map is supposed to be an upgrade??

The new app update minimized the amount of space for the weather map into a tiny little square. And then used up the remainder of the new layout for ads and large text for the next three days of weather?? Seems redundant since there is also Daily and Hourly buttons below it. Not impressed.

Great App for weather

It's a great app for weather in my area.

Great App!

This is a great app! I strongly recommend downloading this app! Thanks WDRB!

Hate it

Deleting off my phone. Irritating flash in advertisements. Awful.


Finally a great weather app great job guys

Can't upload pics.

Good app but I cannot upload photos because the app crashes.

Great, thorough app!

Will use it daily.

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